Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany)

10. Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany)

A firefighter was fighting a fire when his Nokia Lumia 610 was damaged by water. He lost all of his data including photos of family and friends. Ontrack was asked to help and successfully recovered 732 photos from the phone.

Late (United States)

9. Late (United States)

One company was preparing for a new IT infrastructure. The new storage array was waiting to be unpacked and powered up in the server room. The day before connecting it, the old storage array broke down and access to critical data was lost. After few minutes of panic and stress the IT administrator decided not to make the situation worse and called the specialists at Ontrack. Everything ended positively.

Unfortunate Accident (Norway)

8. Unfortunate Accident (Norway)

Ontrack received a call from a person who was in a ferry accident. His camera had been submerged in the water for over an hour. Ontrack Data Recovery specialists were able to recover the photos from the corroded memory card.

The Dog Ate My… (United States)

7. The Dog Ate My… (United States)

A dog mistook a USB flash drive for a chew toy. When the drive arrived at Ontrack, it had teeth marks all over it. The dog eventually made it out of the doghouse because all the USB drive data was recovered.

Microsoft® Surface Mystery (United States)

6. Microsoft® Surface Mystery (United States)

Sometimes we don’t get the story behind what happened to a device. Ontrack received this Microsoft® Surface “smashed” into pieces. All that is known is the data recovery was 100 percent successful.

Swept Away Server (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

5. Swept Away Server (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A flood in the Balkan countries swept a RAID server 100 meters from the building it originated in. It took two weeks to locate the server where it had been sitting in water the entire time. Ontrack recovered 100 percent of the data.

Data Under Attack (United States)

4. Data Under Attack (United States)

When data loss is intentional it’s usually with malicious intent. Hackers infiltrated a hotel this year deleting all of the active and backup data for 35 LUNs. Our team of highly-trained engineers worked onsite and remotely to recover all of the data that was lost.

It Can Happen to Anyone (United States)

3. It Can Happen to Anyone (United States)

Even Ontrack employees are not immune to data loss. While visiting the restroom in between meetings, a Ontrack employee slipped her iPhone into the back-pocket of her pants for safe keeping. As she stood up and picked up her briefcase to exit, the phone escaped, landing squarely in the toilet. Dripping wet, the employee brought her personal phone to the mobile recovery specialist in the cleanroom with a plea for help. No questions asked, engineering took on the case. All of the employee’s phone data, including her photos of her daughter, contacts and text messages were recovered.

Waterfall Folly (Iceland)

2. Waterfall Folly (Iceland)

A young woman was taking pictures on her smartphone of a beautiful waterfall when a gust of wind drenched her with spray from the waterfall. She was covered in water and so was her phone. The woman lost access to her phone and all of her photos, but Ontrack performed a full recovery returning the photos and the phone in working order.

 Difference in Opinion (Poland)

1. A Difference in Opinion (Poland)

From the client’s perspective: “My laptop did not want to follow my instructions. We totally disagreed with each other, and I lost my temper, hitting it strongly with an open hand. The laptop drive was damaged – that’s why I’m here.” At odds with his computer, the client hit the laptop directly in the place where the drive resided, and that resulted in the head scratching the platters. It was extensive damage, but Ontrack recovered 50 percent of the crucial data.