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Training materials

Whether you’ve just joined us or want to refresh your knowledge, check out these training materials for Ontrack Data Recovery services.

How it works

As an Authorised Partner, you are entitled to a series of benefits, including commissions and discounts. Make sure you know how the process works by reviewing this infographic.

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Overcoming customer objections

This quick guide shows you how to address common misunderstandings when discussing data recovery.

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Data recovery capabilities

Find out what services you can offer your customers and what devices you can provide data recovery for.

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Promotional resources

These marketing resources can help you promote data recovery services in your store and on your website.


Authorised Partner logo

Display the Authorised Partner logo to show your official partnership with Ontrack, the world leaders in data recovery.

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Sample images

Download these images of storage devices to use on your website or social media channels.

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Store poster

Print and put up this poster in your store to show your customers that you offer data recovery services.

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Need something else?

We can help you with all of your data recovery promotional needs. Whether you need web banners, stickers, point-of-sale merchandising or a co-branded info sheet, get in touch and let us know what you need!

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Display a banner to start earning

To increase data recovery referrals, we’d highly recommend using the following banners on your website.

It’s simple - when your website visitors click on the banner and complete the 'Request for Quote' form, your referral details will be recorded with it. If the customer goes ahead with the recovery, you will automatically receive a referral commission!

Simply download the banner pack and upload your chosen banner(s) to your website. For the image URL, please use the following link and include your Partner ID at the end, so all referrals can be tracked:


Free self-assessment tool

This unique tool can help your customers diagnose data loss cases and get some free advice for their data loss situation. After using the tool, they will also have the option to get a data recovery quote.

Simply embed this tool on your website with your Partner ID; any of your customers that input their details will be automatically tracked from your account and ensure you get credited with a referral commission.

Embedding instructions:

  • Go to this link to start the tool builder
  • For Model & Workflow, select default
  • For Language, select en
  • For Theme, pick either:
    • default – without the Ontrack logo
    • partner – with the Ontrack logo and copyright info
  • Under Advanced Options:
    • Select what display width you’d like (accepts pixels & percentage)
    • Language ID – en-GB
      • Site ID – 17
      • Partner ID - 

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