DataDefender™ ATS – Audit Tracking System

The DataDefender™ ATS – Automatic Tracking System is the newest device from Proton Data Security. This newest technology logs the serial numbers of your destroyed hard drives so you can be prepared in case of an audit.

Proton T-1.5 Deployment Case

The T-1.5 degausser deployment case is built durable, top of the line materials to ensure your degausser is safe and secure at all times. Compact enough to fit through doorways and into elevators, relocating has never been easier. Keep your investment safe with a T-1.5 deployment case.

Proton T-4 Deployment Case

The Proton T-4 Deployment Case is a mobility case constructed specifically for the T-4 Degausser. Full swivel casters, and top of the line materials will make relocating your T-4 easy while keeping it safe from any outside elements or damage.



Portable Hard Drive Destruction Cart

This portable cart allows users to move their hard drive destruction equipment as needed. With a 1,200 lb. capacity, this cart has the ability to hold any machine in the Proton lineup.

PDS-75 Deployment Case

This wheeled deployment case is the perfect accessory to your PDS-75 hard drive destroyer. This custom built case is built with heavy duty latches and high quality materials that make this case the perfect option for moving between buildings or even shipping to a different location.

PDS-100 Deployment Case

Built with strong, impact resistant materials, this deployment case will relocate your PDS-100 Destroyer anywhere it needs to go, while keeping it safe and secure.



Erased / Non-Usable Labels

Keep track of when digital media have been erased with a roll of our “Erased / Non-Usable” stickers. Every company with a degausser should have these on hand.


A data erasure verification system that works with SEM/SITES degaussers and the entire line of HDD/SSD destruction solutions, including hard drive crushers, shredders and disintegrators. The iWitness is an end-of-life document tool for IT destruction. The iWitness software records the media and documents the erasure status. This information can be exported to a cross compatible CSV file and saved to a CDR or USB drive.