Model MMD-1000

This degausser has an extremely high magnetic field strength. At 1.6 tesla/16,000 it rivals those devices used by the government to erase data from magnetic media that contains classified data.
A high resolution LCD touch screen display makes operation simple. It also provides peace-of-mind that data is being properly sanitized because it displays a magnetic field strength indicator after each degauss cycle. Accepts any drive up to 1.05" thick as well as magnetic tapes. A magnetic field strength indicator confirms media has been degaussed at an acceptable level. The 100 millisecond actual degauss time produces a longer electromagnetic pulse than most commercial grade degaussers. And the total cycle time of less than 10 seconds allow users to degauss high volumes of drives in a short period.

Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser

The Proton T-4 produces a bi-directional field which provides a 20,000 Gauss positive field and a 20,000 Gauss Negative field. The T-4 achieves this by using a unique, patented “Reverse Polarity”. Other degaussers may have either a positive or negative pulse, but only one. The T-4 has both and it is fully automatic. This ensures complete and permanent erasure of your data and will protect your sensitive information for years to come. The T-4 now has a LCD screen and internal Gaussmeter for performance verification.

Proton 1100 Degausser Wand

The Proton 1100 Degausser Wand is designed to provide maximum security level degaussing. A multi-polar design insures permanent data erasure for a wide range of magnetic media. It has been tested and approved for erasure of both Longitudinal (LMR) and Perpendicular (PMR) magnetic storage devices up to and including 5000 Oersteds.

All degaussers are listed on the NSA/ CSS Evaluated Products List for High Security.