PDS-100 HDD Destroyer

The NSA listed, PDS-100 Destroyer exudes versatility and simplicity in one powerful machine. Simply insert the hard drive and sensors will automatically start the 10 second destruction cycle. The PDS-100 can operate manually if power is ever interrupted or unavailable. Grab the crank handle to securely destroy the hard drives.



PDS-75 HDD Destroyer

The PDS-75 Drive Destroyer is made to quickly and securely destroy hard drives. Specifically designed for emergency situations where electric power may not be available and quick destruction is a must, the PDS-75's affordability and versatility makes it perfect for both the government and commercial market.


This automatic hard drive crusher uses a solid steel conical anvil to exert up to 6 tons of pressure on hard drives resulting in bent, pierced and mangled chassis as well as broken platters. The destruction cycle is only 8 seconds so you can move through a large supply of drives quickly and easily.




A no power required solution that is ideal for the destruction of hard drives in low-volume applications. Simply place the drive on the crusher and pull the handle down. A solid steel conical anvil will bend, mangle and pierce the drive chassis and platter.

NOTE: Crusher must be bolted to the work surface or optional crusher stand.




The SSD Kit is designed to be installed into the Model HDDC-A at the factory during the initial purchase only. It is further designed to allow the operator to convert the system into the HDD Crusher by removing the SSD Kit (SSD anvil, wear plate and press plate) and installing the standard HDD anvil that comes with the package. *For use with SITES Model HDDC-A Crusher and installed at initial time of purchase only.


The Model SSD-1001 destroys SSD media through patent pending destruction shafts with pyramidal shaped elements where media is passed through to ensure complete media destruction. It is a compact, self-contained destruction system with all components housed within a custom cabinet for maximum sound, odor, and dust control and may be plugged into a standard 110v outlet with a 20amp plug. Items that can be destroyed in the Model SSD-1001 include solid state boards, cell phones, thumb drives and entire SSD drives with boards included.

NOTE: To comply with recognized standards, including NSA/DoD regulations, a degausser must be used prior to destroying hard drives. In a typical national security operation, a destroyer is used in conjunction with a NSA approved degausser. Using a degausser is the only way to guarantee all data on hard drives and other magnetic media is completely unrecoverable. All destroyers and crushers are listed on the NSA/ CSS Evaluated Products List for High Security.