End of life data

Managing data that has reached its expiration date can be a large undertaking. Permanently deleting data isn’t as easy as pressing a delete button, it takes time and proper resources. Data that is not completely expunged before the media is disposed of is vulnerable to exposure. To increase the security of your data, a secure, verified data destruction process is required.

Whether you are performing data destruction services yourself or looking to outsource it to someone else, we can help. Our specialists can assist in providing secure data destruction for you or we can help you verify your in-house erasure processes.

Erasure services

Our data experts use their knowledge to select and execute the best data destruction method for your media. Our service includes a certification of erasure and if disposal is needed, we will dispose of your media in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Erasure verification service

Is your data destruction method 100% effective? Submit your erased drives to Ontrack and our data recovery specialists will examine it to make sure they are completely free of remaining data. Gain client confidence by providing a third-party verified data destruction process.

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Start the data destruction process

Let us take care of your data destruction. It's an important part of the data lifecycle and verifying in-house processes adds security when repurposing or disposing of end of life media.

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DIY data erasure

DIY erasure hardware and software from Blancco and Ontrack allows you to securely erase data in-house. From mobile devices to LUN erase, we have DIY erasure solutions for all types of storage devices.

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