Data Security

All recoveries are performed internally by Ontrack authorized employees

Implementation of strict physical security measures

Data always returned in an encrypted format

High Security Procedures for ALL Customer Data:

  • All data is monitored 24/7 by security cameras and personnel,

  • All customer information is classified internally with our highest security level as “Kroll Restricted”,

    • All documentation, removable media, emails, etc. are labeled “Kroll Restricted” and include Kroll documentation for sensitive information.

  • All documentation, removable media, etc. is stored in a restricted area that is controlled with authorized badge access,

  • Access is only permitted to authorized Kroll employees who need to know the information as a requirement to perform their job,

  • Physical access to areas where customer information is stored is restricted for others, outside of Ontrack authorized employees, are limited to:

    • A person with a valid non-disclosure agreement or similar confidentiality clause in effect,

    • An authorized Ontrack employee escort,

    • Third party must have a need-to-know and appropriate authorization; and written approval of the Legal and Compliance Department.

  • Any data sent over a public network must be encrypted using a Kroll approved encryption products,

  • Paper or removable media must be stored in a locked enclosure when not in use,

  • Backup copies of customer data require the same security procedure as the originals in order to maintain confidentiality,

  • All customer data is returned on an encrypted drive.

ITAR Procedures

IMPORTANT: You must inform your data services representative of your requirement for ITAR handling prior to sending your media in to Ontrack.

  • ITAR media must be labeled as “ITAR” by the customer prior to shipping to Ontrack,

  • Shipping/Receiving staff (all US Persons) receives the ITAR media and checks it into our inventory systems. The media is clearly labeled as ITAR for high security processing and this designation accompanies the media for the duration of the project,

  • Shipping/Receiving staff brings your media into a card access-controlled ITAR Lab and places it into a media safe. Card access to this lab is limited to data recovery employees that are US Persons,

  • Your media is retrieved from the safe and imaged to secure data recovery servers by a data recovery engineer, a US Person,

  • Upon job completion the recovered data is encrypted and copied to media of your choice and placed in the media safe inside the ITAR Lab along with the original media. The media remains here until the Shipping/Receiving staff retrieves it and ships it back to you.


Data Security