Solve the mystery of what is on that box of tapes in the closet.

We are able to audit, index and catalog your old tapes regardless of the hardware and software used to first store the data. No labels? No problem. Our team of specialists is able to organize the information on tapes that are unlabeled or mislabeled.

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Feeling disorganized when it comes to your data stored on tape?

We can clean up and organize your tape data into a catalog to view and manage with ease. Damaged tapes, multiple generations of tape, we can retrieve the data and catalog all of them for you. Once your data has been cataloged, view your catalogs online with Ontrack® DataAdvisor™ or we can export the catalog back to you.

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Ontrack DataAdvisor

With Ontrack DataAdvisor our tape services team consolidates all of your data from tape into our online a single view application.

All of your data from tapes will be in one location where you can search and restore when needed. Use your secure login to effectively manage your data. Choose to migrate or erase end of life data with ease. With Ontrack DataAdvisor you no longer need to maintain legacy hardware and software allowing you to reduce your overall spend.

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Whether you are planning to switch formats from tape or if you found tapes that are no longer supported by your current hardware or software, we can help you migrate the data to a new system or format. Migrating data from tapes can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Our specialists have the right tools and equipment to speed up the process, free up your time, and reduce overall migration costs.

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Tape recovery

From severely damaged tapes to intact tapes where the hardware is no longer available to read them, we recover them all. Our data recovery engineers are experts in recovering data from tape. We are able to read damaged tapes and have proprietary methods to read tape whose hardware or software is no longer available. We also offer customized, forensically sound data recovery solutions and tape services.

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Physical tape storage

No matter where you store your tapes with current data on them, it is a crucial part of storing data on tape. We can help arrange storage for your current inventory of tapes. If you need storage assistance, be sure to ask your dedicated Ontrack representative.

Secure data destruction and disposal

When tape media and the data stored on them reach the end of their lifecycle, secure disposal is an important step in preserving data security within your company. Ontrack provides secure data deletion and disposal for all tape media. We offer data destruction services which include a certificate of erasure once complete.

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