All types of tape media and in any condition

Our full team of data experts is available for your tape catalog project. You can benefits from our expertise in data recovery as well as the experience of our R&D team. We can recover data from tapes which are damaged or unable to be read. Do you have tapes without the hardware or software to read them? Our proprietary tools allow us to read and catalog tapes where the hardware or software is now end of life.

RAID Recovery

Tape catalog projects include

  • A comprehensive electronic catalog and listing of all stored data stored on each tape
  • Data integrity reports: Full-text or metadata, unstructured data and e-mails, whether from Exchange, Lotus Notes or any other platform
  • Support for all standard tape and media formats such as LTO or DLT tape libraries
  • Media health testing including data and media degradation reports for ageing media with respect to age, expiration data and contamination
  • Report of inconsistencies

Options for viewing and managing your data

  1. If you are looking for a specific item to be restored, you can discuss this with your dedicated account representative prior to the cataloging process. Our engineering team will search for the file and let you know if it exists within the set of tapes sent. If it does, we will restore your data and securely ship it back to you.
  2. Download your new tape catalog from our secure FTP site in order to keep a record for auditing. This is a text file which you can keep for auditing purposes and search for files if necessary.
  3. View and manage the data online with Ontrack® DataAdvisor™. If you search and restore data from tape often, or need to have the ability to respond to urgent restoration requests, Ontrack DataAdvisor can save you time and hassle of managing your data stored on tape.

Start recovering your data!

Contact our team of experts. Ontrack accommodates everyone – from the largest government or enterprise organization to an individual who may have lost their digital photos and everyone in between.

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