We also provide high security procedures for sensitive data:

• Security begins at the moment it leaves your location
• Chain of custody
• Strict security protocols
• Secure return or disposal of media

Data migration from all legacy tape architectures and formats

LTO-6 Super DLT DLT8000 DLT7000
Sony AIT AIT2 and AIT3 Travan Data Cartridge 1/2" Open Reel and
Cartridges such as 7-track
9-track 3480 3490 3570
3590 9840 DC2000 mini data cartridge  

Conversion for consolidation

As part of a tape archive migration, we convert your legacy data in order to consolidate your archives onto one, unified platform.

  • Recovery of any inaccessible data
  • Catalog and indexing report for future data mapping
  • Development of custom software and tools for the safe and efficient retrieval of archived data
  • Conversion of your archived media performed by experts in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Accurate bit-for-bit copy of the source data, supplied back to you in the format required

Types of migration


Tape to tape

We can help you in migrating from one tape generation to another or consolidating multiple types of tape into one format.

Tape to other

Moving your tape to disk or another format of choice? No problem. We can help with tape migration projects involving all other forms of storage

Tape to new backup

If you are migrating to a new backup system we can assist in aligning all of your tape data with new backup system.

Other migration capabilities

Our expertise in data migration doesn’t end with tape, additional services are also available including the migration of backup systems:

ARCserve® Veritas NetBackup™ Veritas Backup Exec™ Microsoft® Backup
Catalogic® DPX™ Retrospect® CommVault® Data Protector
IBM® UltraBac EMC® and others