Consolidate legacy backup catalogs

Ontrack DataAdvisor consolidates legacy backup catalogs from various systems and mediums into a single inventory. We can create your catalog for you, or you can supply them to us. Once the catalogs are received they are ingested into Ontrack DataAdvisor and you can access them through a secured online application.


  • Single-view into the full breadth of information contained on legacy and backup storage
  • Conduct targeted searches for specific data to locate and identify data for restoration, migration and deletion
  • Easily search and navigate catalog reports

Full knowledge of information contained on legacy backups

Clearly know what data exists in your library and where it resides so you can make informed decisions around the data you need to retrieve and migrate.

Reduction of cost, time and risk

You no longer need to spend time researching to find what data needs to be kept for business, litigation and compliance purposes. Know how to phase out and decommission legacy systems and reduce the risks associated with improperly storing or destroying information. In the case of compliance, investigations and litigation you will have quick access to the specific data needed.

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